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Small Arms have an almost unlimited lifespan. Long after they have ceased to be deployed by major military powers, they live on in Third World locations. Below is a sampling of "obsolete" weapons still in use around the world.


The FAL is a Belgian designed assault rifle in 7.62x51 caliber. In the 1960s and 1970s it was in use by many of the Free World militaries, including the United Kingdom (and other commonwealth countries, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and Israel. Besides its orignial productoin by FN in its home country of Belgium, it was produced under license in the UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, and Argentina. Unlicensed versions were produced in a number of other countries. Total producion is estimated to exceed one million units. At this time, it is only in regular use in a few South American armies, and even then only with reserve units. However, due to it long production life and wide dispersal, it is still seen commonly througout the Third World.

Croatian FAL Afghanistan Venezuelan_Reserve FAL Namibia FAL


The HK G3 was the principal competitor to the FAL on the world market during the 1960s and '70s. It was also a select fire weapon in 7.62x51 caliber. Essentially, it was the standard battle rifle in most Free World countries that were not using the FAL. It was originally produced in Germany by HK. Major licensees included Portugal, Greece, Norway, Iran, Pakistan, Sweden, Mexico, and Turkey. Total production is estimated to exceed one million units. It is stil fielded with regular units in Norway, Mexico, and Pakistan and with reserve units in a number of other countries.

Lebanon Peacekeeper G3 > Rio Police G3 Sniper Burma Older G3
Clearing a building PPSh Modernized Captured PPSh
STG 44
Mahdi Army STG44 Captured STG44 Assorted weapons in Niger
MAT -49
MAT49 on parade in Togo Terrorist MAT-49 Ivory Coast MAT-49  
Criminal Madsen Rio Police Madsen Rio Police Madsen Rio