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Most of the small arms in use around the world are actually quite old designs. For example, the AK-47, the world's most common battle rifle, has been in the field for over 60 years. The US M-16, arguably the second most common military rifle has a service life of over 40 years.

As a general rule, militaries are fairly conservatvie organizations and tend to resist changes. Addtiionally, once a product has been accepted by a government, political and comercial interests work to preserve the status quo.

None the less, new products are introduced; typically initially serving with special purpose units. Below is a selection of new weapons that are currently appearing on the world's battle fields.

FN 2000
Belgian Peacekeeper in Congo FN SCAR in Afghanistan FN SCAR in Afghanistan
Soviet Special Forces VSS> Russian Sniper with Prisoner Sniper in Kyrgyzistan
VSK 94
Clearing a building PPSh Modernized Captured PPSh
9A-91 in Chechna Captured STG44 Assorted weapons in Niger
Israeli Commando in Gaza TAVOR in Columbia TAVOR in Guatemala  
Criminal Madsen Rio Police Madsen Rio Police Madsen Rio